The decision to become a nurse.


Ain't that the truth!

Ain’t that the truth!

The decision to study nursing has been a long time coming for myself ¬†and after a bit of stumbling and floating I’ve made it.

After leaving high school in year 10 to pursue a trade I always had a desire to work in health sciences but was adamant that I would NEVER go back to school! Now here I am!

When I received my papers qualifying me as a chef, I promptly left the industry only to defer university and end up two steps behind- in hospitality and full of self doubt. It took a year of this to realise that now was the time to follow my dreams.

Only it wasn’t nursing¬†that I studied. I moved 300km from home to pursue a paramedic science degree. One semester in and I loathed it. The students were too ahead of themselves and the content was dry. So it was after a year that I made the tough decision to head home and move to a much smaller campus to start a bachelor of nursing.

I have six weeks until I start my new course and I am undoubtedly becoming more and more excited as time goes on and I research more and more about the profession.

My main reason for pursuing a career in nursing is that I think it is an absolutely amazing and beautiful thing to be allowed into a persons life and the lives of their families in their greatest time of need and vulnerability.

Readers (if I get any haha), why did/ do you want to become a nurse?