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Losing motivation.

As mid semester break continues on I fall straight back into the swing of being a student. That is, to put it simply, much like being unemployed but socially accepted.

It with semester breaks that I begin to realise how little time we actually spend at university/ college. I have two and a half years until graduation and of the 120 weeks, only 50 are teaching weeks.

Sleeping in until lunch time and spending the rest of my days on Facebook and YouTube gets old very quickly. With it though, it brings a lot time for introspective thinking. Personally, I begin to think that there are easier and faster ways to become a professional member of the workforce albeit in a different industry.

This lack of structure to my life makes me feel like I’m in a rut. That my life is stagnating and I’m not moving forward. However, I KNOW that I am moving forward and that any place worth going takes effort.

I guess I’m just part of the student body minority. I thirst for knowledge and love being at university.

Most students would be shocked to hear this- but I can’t wait to go back to uni and am dreading summer break!


Exam study- I don’t know what I’m doing!

So as exams roll around and talk of study comes up every conversation I find myself lying and saying that I’m doing heaps.

I say lying because I really have no idea what I’m doing nor do I know how to actually “study”. For me writing notes almost word for word and listening to lectures has worked, but spending my time trying to learn everything is really counterproductive.

I didn’t do senior high school years and went to a technical college where it was an encouraging environment where no one failed. Good in that respect, but not so good now the pressure is on.

I find myself now just fumbling through a lot of material trying to get succinct yet thorough notes.

Although I have no doubt in my ability to do well, I feel at a loss and like I’m wasting valuable time.

Readers, what are your study tips and habits that you use during semester and before exams??