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On my way

Last month I turned 21. I also “celebrated” 6 years in my trade that I am desperately trying to leave.

As I see birthdays as a new year, I made a New Years resolution that in a year I will be working in healthcare as an AIN.

I just took the first step towards my resolution- I enrolled in a certificate 3 in aged care. This qualification when I finish will allow me to work as an AIN- a solid step.


Right in the feels!

At my university, we are required nationwide to undertake two core curriculum units to complete our degree.

These units focus on society at large and our obligations to serve our communities.

After a number of intensive sessions and an exam, we received a mark. I only got 58/100 on a 50% assessment. I tried so hard to master the topics. I tried really hard to get a good grade to keep my gpa high to keep alive my dream of medical school.

I guess all I can say is welcome to university education!

Right in the feels! 😦