Exam study- I don’t know what I’m doing!

So as exams roll around and talk of study comes up every conversation I find myself lying and saying that I’m doing heaps.

I say lying because I really have no idea what I’m doing nor do I know how to actually “study”. For me writing notes almost word for word and listening to lectures has worked, but spending my time trying to learn everything is really counterproductive.

I didn’t do senior high school years and went to a technical college where it was an encouraging environment where no one failed. Good in that respect, but not so good now the pressure is on.

I find myself now just fumbling through a lot of material trying to get succinct yet thorough notes.

Although I have no doubt in my ability to do well, I feel at a loss and like I’m wasting valuable time.

Readers, what are your study tips and habits that you use during semester and before exams??


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