The power of research.

As I walk into my tutorial I am greeted by my assessment group members which is promptly followed by exclamations of exasperation and hate towards our research unit at university.

I can’t even pretend to empathise. I love the research side of nursing now.

Before I began I was so ignorant to the field of nursing, I really only saw nurses in a “caring” capacity. Little did I know that the field of nursing is diverse, intellectual and academically rewarding. Another reason why I thinks nurses are amazing.

The introduction to evidence based practice has given me a whole new perspective on nursing and has made me realise that nurses can and really do play an integral role in the formation of clinical knowledge and interventions.

During my lecture, our speaker began introducing herself and announced that they were currently undertaking PhD studies in a leading trial for the area of focus. Intrigued, I googled their name and stumbled across a “3 minute thesis video”.

this was enough for me. I am now absolutely hooked on the idea of becoming a research nurse and lecturer and I haven’t even passed my first semester!

Has research opened your eyes to a whole new world? If so, what was it?


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