The first day.

Today marked the official start of my journey to become a nurse.

And if today was anything to go by it is going to be hard but it will be worth it in the end. I endured two 5 hour blocks of lectures in a cramped room with over 100 other people. It got uncomfortable.

Having been through the first weeks of university before, I knew what to expect so it wasn’t a shock to me the amount of new and confusing information being thrown at me. One thing I learnt was when you say something that is beyond what anyone else is expected to know you will get a lot of those looks that seem to label you as “that chick” if you know what I mean.

The first few weeks will always be hard trying to find your feet, navigate resources and campuses and TRYING (extremely hard to no avail) to make new friends but it gets easier and by semester two we will all be university pros smashing academic goals.

One thing I was lucky enough to experience was a lecturer that was so honest about the profession that instilled a sense of hope that I can get where I want to be. That is, undertaking a PhD and becoming an expert within the nursing industry. In an environment where you are identified as a number for the most part, it is a wonderfully comforting feeling to know that academic staff want to see you strive for and achieve your academic goals.

As I get ready to wind down for the evening before my second day of nursing school, I’ve come to realise that I cannot wait to be a nurse and I can’t wait to one day be in front of fresh faced students inspiring them to be the nurses they want to be.

Bye for now x


One thought on “The first day.”

  1. Wow congrats!! I’m in second semester of an associate’s (2 year) program. It gets better in terms of you don’t feel as overwhelmed but it also doesn’t get better in that they still throw so much information at you at once. How long do you have to finish your degree?

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