Getting a foot in the door.

Being a young job applicant with a trade certificate and a good range of job experience has turned out to be quite the set back for me. I’m 20 years old and can’t even get an entry level job such as a check out operator or pizza delivery driver.

Whilst this is a disheartening experience for anyone looking for a job to support themselves, it has forced me to re evaluate my career goals and aspirations. If there’s anything I’ve learnt this past 18 months, it’s that graduate jobs are not available in abundance and people DO miss out.

So with this in mind I’ve been job hunting and applying to no avail until I came across a hospital assistant job. Yeah, it doesn’t sound all that glamorous but it will be a definite foot in the door to the health directorate I WANT to work in.

In this day it really is about who you know, and not what you know so it is imperative to start planning NOW! Not next week and not next year because you will turn around and find yourself on stage graduating.

It’s time to own our lives and own our education and start planning for the job we want to be in upon graduation.


3 thoughts on “Getting a foot in the door.”

  1. We’re the same age, friend! I feel your pain though. All the hospitals in my area want CNAs to have their license (which I didn’t bother to get since I would have had to go an hour and a half away to get it and I didn’t want to work with Geriatric patients) and at least 2 years of experience anyway! Grr. I’m probably just going to volunteer with something or other just to get my foot in the door. I can’t work too much right now with my class schedule.

    1. Oh how good is that! It’s actually so hard. I’m Australian so I’m not really familiar with a CNS but it is the same here needing a qualification or experience, but how do you get that? With a lot of study, time and personal sacrifice. I have been volunteering with a first aid service here in my home state, I guess that may help me one day get a job, but for now it’s building experience and that’s ok. Small steps get us where we need to be.

      1. Oh, I’m in Connecticut. It’s fairly different. CNA is a certified nurse aid. They basically do all the vital signs and help with total care of the patients. You can work as a home health aid (which is the same thing but works at home instead of a hospital) if you don’t have your license. You just take a test to get your license. That sounds cool though! I thought about becoming an EMT, but it’s a lot of money/time. I’m sure you guys don’t have much time to work while in school either. Gotta make my money over the summer.

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