Making mistakes and realising it’s going to be ok.

2013 was a big year of change for myself. I quit my job, I left my home town, I moved away from my family and began my path to something better.

Six or seven months in and I began to feel the effects of bad choices and made the decision to go home and start anew.

My first mistake.

As I begin on my journey to become a nurse I have quickly realised that the end goal is not the only goal you should have while at university. My goals are to make an interim career change to make the transition into nursing practice easier, to get into an honours program after my undergraduate degree and ultimately to enjoy my time working towards all of this.

My first mistake: coming home to the place I so desperately wanted to leave for new experiences. Coming to a university I had been unsure of for a long time (I deferred my first offer here and eventually withdrew due to feelings of unease).

But with, everything there is a solution to be uncovered. While I’m not fully certain what that is at this point in time, it will come to me and had not made me want to become a nurse any less.

My commitment to join the nursing profession is what will ultimately help me decide what the right course of action is for this situation and my mistake will not defer me for reaching my goals because in the end IT WILL BE OK IN THE END.


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