Choosing a university.


The decision pertaining to which university to choose is a massive one that most of us do not take lightly when considering all options before us for university or TAFE.

The first university that I attended was a multi national campus university in regional Australia, while it was good it wasn’t for me, and not doing my research before I chose to attend was a costly decision.

The second time around I thought about what it was that I liked about my current university and what I wanted to still be able to experience at the new university. For me this included, small class sizes, a lot of embedded practical experience, and a course that was challenging but attainable. I also thought about what I didn’t enjoy as much such as living in dormitories and not knowing as many of my fellow students.

After considering my pros and cons for an institution change, I made an informed choice about the new university I will be attending. Choosing a university is a big decision and you do need to do your research but if you make a mistake in your decision just remember- all is not lost and you can make it better, it may add an extra semester or an extra year or you may realise you are going in the wrong direction, but everything will be ok.

My final piece of advice is to go to the campus speak to staff from the faculty you are interested in and have a campus tour. They want to help you, all you need to do is not be afraid to ask for help.



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